quinta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2012

Follow up on your blog content and Storylane

Just wanted to follow up on a email I sent a couple of days ago. The original email follows below:

I have been working for a while on Storylane, a product that I believe a blog owner like you will appreciate. Storylane works like a blogging platform but is social from the ground up. Your content can be categorized by you and then discovered by our fast growing community. Storylane can breathe new life into the content you created for your old blog and hopefully connect you with people, places, and ideas that can add value and meaning to your life.

Would you like to give us a try? join us here and add a story or two (feel free to use stories that are already on your blog)


Jonathan Gheller
CEO Storylane

364 University Avenue, Palo Alto CA

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